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Q: Do I get Certificate(s) Of Autheniticity with my Obey Giant / Shepard Fairey Print Orders?
A: As of Late 2022 Obey Giant has been issuing Digital COA's for Obey Giant Print Editions (see article excerpt below)
Prior to Late 2022 physical COA's where only released when the prints initial dollar values were higher or the edition sizes were lower than normal.
ie. Large Format Prints with Edititon Sizes below 100 would be included, regular (non-collaboration) Prints with Edition Sizes of 450+ would not have been included.

Q: How do I get my Digital COA(s)
A: After you recieve your order and are happy that they arrived in good condition, send us a list of the prints you ordered (or a image of your receipt) with an eMail address where you would like them sent.

Q: How can I veiw and store my Digital COA's
A: You will have to have a Verisart Account that will give you access to store, and view your COA's, as well as transfer the COA's to buyers if you ever sell any of the associated prints.
Use this link to Create your own Verisart account verisart.com/collectors-welcome

Obey Giant x Shepard Fairey: Verisart Digital COA'sObey Giant x Shepard Fairey: Verisart Digital COA's

Better Certificates of Authenticity 

Before using Verisart, Obey Giant’s team used to manually create physical certificates for each work. Switching to Verisart’s patented digital Certificates of Authenticity provided several improvements. The COAs could now be tracked all in one place via Verisart’s dashboard and collectors can see a clear provenance history as each certificate is time stamped on the blockchain. 

An example of a Shepard Fairey Certificate of Authenticity before Verisart © Obey Giant/Shepard Fairey
An example of Obey Giant/ Shepard Fairey Certificate of Authenticity before Verisart, © Obey Giant/Shepard Fairey

After using our Verisart.com platform for several years, Obey Giant now uses our Shopify App, streamlining their workflow even further. Here’s what the brand has to say: “We've been using Verisart for several years and love the additional level of trust it provides to our collectors. We like the certificate and email customization features which ensure that the designs fit with our store branding. The App makes it easy to automatically generate professional Certificates of Authenticity. We recommend Verisart as a premium add-on to other merchants.” 

Shepard Fairey, Certificate of Authenticity by Verisart, courtesy of Verisart.
Shepard Fairey, Certificate of Authenticity by Verisart, courtesy of Verisart.

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